Welcare Industries S.p.A. is an historical Italian company located in Umbria, specialized in the production and the development of a wide portfolio of Medical Devices for skin hygiene and care.

Medical devices for total body cleansing of the non self-sufficient patient;

Medical devices for the treatment of damaged and irritated skin and for the prevention of HAIs infections;

Medical devices for the debridement of ulcers and for the treatment of skin inflammations caused by radio or chemotherapy.

Welcare is a market leader in different countries and the Medical Devices produced are used in the major hospitals and clinics in European and non-European countries.

Eyes and Peri-Ocular Area

Daily cleansing and hydration of the eyes for the whole family.

Hair and Scalp

The comfort of a shampoo and the functionality of a cap in a single product.

Inflamed and Damaged Skin

Control and reduction of irritations and skin inflammations of different nature.

Control of Skin Lesions

Cleansing of wounds and chronic skin lesions in line with the recent EWMA recommendations.

Fragile and Dehydrated Skin

Skin is your most precious jewel: defend its beauty with our products!

Infection Control

Keep your skin safe from infections: at hospital and at home!


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